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New 2018 Don't Bite Me Spray

Suitable for UK, Europe and long haul destinations.

A non-greasy, quick-drying formulation with a light and subtle citrus fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Does not contain DEET.

How to use:

Spray evenly from a distance of 15cm on all exposed areas of skin. For face, neck and around ears spray into palm of hand and then apply sparingly avoiding eyes and lips

Re-apply every 5 hours or as necessary, and after swimming.

For best results when using sunscreen apply and allow to dry before applying.

For use on children over one year of age

Do not apply to children more than twice a day.

Do not spray directly onto children or adults face, spray into palm of your hand and apply sparingly around ears, avoiding eyes and lips. You can spray directly on to a arms, ankles and legs etc. Any areas of broken skin should be avoided. It is only around the face that you should spray in to the palm of the hand and then apply

Do not apply to the hands and feet of children under two. Only hands as children have a habit of putting fingers in their mouth

For external use only. Use only as directed.

Contains:  Citronella oil, lime, witch hazel, distilled coconut oil, ethanol.

Net contents4 FL/118 ML
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